About the Wagners
Don and Debbie Wagner created Three Rivers Gallery and The Depot in  Bennington, Kansas, to provide a
grassroots facility for various venues of Midwestern artists and to preserve the history and heritage of their
hometown region.  The Wagner family first settled in the Bennington area in 1862 and have maintained a
multi-generational family farm since that time.
The Facility
The gallery,  originally a lumberyard built in 1898 and operated as such until 1965, changed venues in the
1970's to an antique store.  Don purchased the site in 2004, moved the old train depot onto the site, and has
been working on renovations since 2005.  The Depot is a gallery, musical performance site, and community
gathering center,  and Three Rivers remains a working artist's studio for Debbie  where she also conducts
classes and workshops.
Both Don and Debbie are accomplished artists in their own rights.  Don has several poetry publications and
continues to perform within the Midwest as a songwriter and singer.  Debbie is a painter and felter, and has
achieved many honors for her artwork, including a feature on Larry Hatteberg's "Kansas People."
"The man that walks his own road
walks alone."
Old Norse Proverb
History of the Wagner family in

Written by Don Wagner's grandmother, Angie Wagner,
in 1961 for the state centennial celebration
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